The Best Way to Stop the Pain

I used to have a pain in my back that was aggravating. The pain would come out of nowhere, and it would only make my day worse. It especially feels bad when I’m at work. I took aspirin to dull the pain and tried topical ointments, but those were only temporary solutions that I couldn’t use forever. I thought about going to a regular doctor, but I was afraid that I would be given more medication or told to get surgery. The solution to my pain came from acupuncture in South Surrey, where an alternative medical practice offered me the relief I needed.

I had always seen acupuncture performed on television and in movies, but never really thought much about it. The needles sticking out of a person’s back kind of turned me off to the idea altogether. I don’t even like to get vaccinations, so seeing lots of needles embedded in skin just make me not want to look. A coworker was the one to suggest that I get the acupuncture done. He had gotten some done before and loved the results. He told me that the needles didn’t hurt at all and I didn’t believe him, but he seemed perfectly normal.

I only had a limited number of options to treat my back pain, and the pain was only getting worse, so I took my chances with the acupuncture. Just like my coworker said, I didn’t feel any pain when the needles where inserted into my back. In a way, the acupuncture treatment was like a spa experience. Comforting music was playing in the background, and I was laying on a relaxing padded table. I walked out of the treatment room without a single feeling of pain. It was the best I felt in a long time. I don’t have to take any aspirin or rub smelly ointments on my back.

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