I Started My New Apprenticeship

I was really fortunate to find an opportunity, that was only because one of my cousins knows an electrician in Paterson NJ who needed a helper. In fact he really needed a helper with a driver’s license. They have about a dozen electricians who work for them and one of them has gotten in some hot water with the state of New Jersey. He apparently likes to drag race on public roads and obviously the state of NJ is not really that great with that sort of thing. They might like the Springsteen song, but if you try to take it out on the street and live it out, then they are going to take your license away from you. It is very much as simple as that, so I am both an apprentice and a chauffeur. Not too surprisingly this guy does not seem to think that I drive fast enough. I keep my tongue still, since I hardly know the guy. However there are plenty of jokes that go through my head while he is telling me to run the yellow lights.

Obviously the thing is that you do not want to be an apprentice, that is not where you get paid like I want to get paid. You want to work at this, listen and do as you are told and get them to teach you the job. Then you want to get your license and eventually you want to be a master electrician. It is not something that is going to happen over one night. You have to expect that you will be learning this stuff for a couple of years, although you can probably speed things up by reading books. The best way to learn is to be teamed up with a guy who wants to teach you.

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